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1869 Walsh Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95050

Custom Caliper Wraps
IN SANTA CLARA, CA Alphawerks Garage

Transform your car with premium caliper wraps in Santa Clara. Our heat-resistant, reflective vinyl adds style and durability. Contact Alphawerks Garage today!

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Premium Caliper Wraps and Customization in Santa Clara, CA

At Alphawerks Garage, we specialize in custom caliper wraps that give your car that extra boost in style. Our heat-resistant, enamel-based vinyl withstands high temperatures and has a unique reflective property, creating a “wow”’ effect under the right conditions. With our expertise, we ensure a durable, high-quality finish that adds style and distinction. Contact us today to schedule your custom caliper wrap!


1: Enhanced Visual Appeal

2: Heat Resistance

3: Customizability

4: Non-Invasive Application

5: Reversibility


Make your car stand out on the road with our custom caliper wraps services. Durable, stylish, and unique—find it at Alphawerks Garage.


At Alphawerks Garage, our Full Caliper Coverage service provides complete vinyl wrapping for your brake calipers, delivering a high-quality, durable finish that adds that extra flair to your car.*

For safety and liability reasons, we do not remove the brakes during installation. We focus on covering the visible parts of the calipers, as the backside is generally not visible.

*Price varies based on caliper design and vehicle model complexity.

Service Area Coating Service Details Price
Wheel Faces Coating without wheel removal Lasts about 2 years, extendable to 4 years in less demanding conditions Starting at $400
Glass One-year glass coating Protects from water and dirt, easier cleaning Starting at $150
Plastic Trim Two-year coating Prevents UV-induced drying and fading, ideal for matte/satin black plastics -
Interior Surfaces Coating for fabric, leather, vinyl Adds spill and stain resistance for easier cleanup Starting at $250
Calipers and Undercarriage Specialized coating (part of 'wheels off' package) Protects from dirt, grime, and corrosion Starts at $600
Door Jambs, Headlights, Taillights Coating to protect against water and UV damage Enhances longevity and appearance, protects against environmental elements -


Personalize your caliper wraps with our customization add-ons.


Add extra protection and durability with our ceramic coating, ensuring your caliper wraps last longer and stay pristine.


Personalize your caliper wraps with custom decals, adding unique designs or branding to match your style.


Choose from a selection of colors to match your ride’s style and your personal taste. Although the range of colors for caliper wraps differs from regular vinyl, there are still plenty of options to suit your needs.


Caliper wraps are challenging to apply due to the specialized, thicker, and less pliable material required for heat resistance. But at Alphawerks Garage, our skilled technicians have the expertise and precision needed to handle these complexities, ensuring a flawless, durable finish. Contact us today to get started on your custom caliper wrap installation!


We begin by thoroughly cleaning and prepping your brake calipers to create a pristine surface, ensuring optimal adhesion for the vinyl wrap.


Our team precisely cuts heat-resistant, enamel-based vinyl into custom pieces that perfectly match the unique shape and size of your calipers.


We start by applying the vinyl wrap to the most visible areas of the calipers, guaranteeing a smooth and accurate fit.


Additional pieces of vinyl are carefully applied to cover all edges and contours, achieving comprehensive coverage for a flawless look.


Using heat and specialized tools, our experts smooth out the vinyl, eliminating any air bubbles and ensuring a seamless, professional finish.


Each wrapped caliper undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure complete coverage and a high-quality, durable finish.


For added protection, we offer ceramic coating for your caliper wraps. You can also personalize your calipers with custom decals for a unique touch.


We allow the vinyl to set and adhere properly, ensuring long-lasting results before completing the installation.

Brands We Use

At Alphawerks, we’re committed to providing our clients with top-quality products. That’s why we use XPEL Fusion coatings on paint, PPF, leather, glass, wheels, plastic trim, and calipers. Our coatings are backed by a 4-year warranty with annual inspections to ensure their durability.

Light Up the Road with Custom Caliper Wraps from Alphawerks Garage

Caliper wraps are a fantastic way to change the look of your calipers, adding flair and a unique aesthetic to your car. They can be easily removed if you have a leased vehicle or want to revert to the original look; and the reflective quality of the wraps provides a cool party trick, impressing your friends when illuminated like a stop sign.

At Alphawerks Garage, we provide a range of customization options, including color choices, ceramic coating for extra protection, and custom decals to make your caliper wraps unique. We guide customers through the entire process, ensuring you understand and are comfortable with every step. Our commitment to quality is backed by one of the longest warranties in the region, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

 Contact Alphawerks Garage today to get started on your custom caliper wraps!

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