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1869 Walsh Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95050

Color Change Wraps

Vinyl wrapping at Alphawerks is about more than just altering your car’s color—it’s about perfecting and personalizing your car to reflect your unique style. We provide a tailored experience, offering a wide range of colors and finishes, from matte to metallic, ensuring that every wrap is as individual as its owner. We understand that every client has different needs and expectations, which is why we engage in detailed consultations to match your vision within your budget. Ready to transform your car? Contact us today to schedule your personalized consultation and start designing the perfect wrap for your car.
1. Protection from UV Damage
2.Wide Range of Colors & Finishes
3. Cost-Effective Alternative to Paint
4.Easy Maintenance & Repair
5.Complete Customization

At Alphawerks Garage, we take pride in our ability to deliver customized vinyl wrapping solutions that cater to the unique needs of each client. We have access to a wide array of materials and colors from multiple companies, allowing us to closely match or replicate any desired color.
We are committed to working within your budget, offering solutions that align with your budget without compromising on quality.

Starting at $400

Basic Roof Wrap

Wrap covering the roof only, ideal for clients seeking a subtle but noticeable change in their vehicle’s appearance.
Starting at $4,000

Full Vehicle Wrap

A comprehensive service that involves wrapping the entire exterior of the vehicle. This option is perfect for clients looking for a dramatic change in their vehicle’s color or finish.


We also offer supplemental packages in our ceramic coating, aside from the standard painted surfaces.

Service Area Description Additional Pricing Details
Shark Fin Antenna Wrap Enhances the visual appeal by wrapping the shark fin antenna to match or contrast with the vehicle's roof. Pricing varies based on specifics
Roof Rails Wrap Applies vinyl to the roof rails for a cohesive or contrasting look, popular on SUVs and station wagons. Pricing varies based on specifics
Door Jambs Extends the wrap into the door frames for a thorough color change, ensuring seamless transitions. Pricing varies based on specifics
Chrome Delete Covers chrome elements to modernize the vehicle's appearance with a sleek, uniform look. Pricing varies based on specifics
Interior Pieces Wrap Updates interior components like dashboard or door panels, aligning them with the exterior wrap. Pricing varies based on specifics
Calipers Wrap Adds color and reflective effects to brake calipers, enhancing both aesthetics and wheel visibility. Pricing varies based on specifics
At Alphawerks, we specialize in comprehensive vinyl wrapping services tailored to your preferences. Contact us today to get started on transforming your car!
Consultation and Design Selection: Start with a personal consultation where we get to know your style preferences and specific requirements. We’ll guide you through our wide range of vinyl wrap options, helping you select the perfect colors and finishes. We’ll discuss the extent of coverage you’re looking for and address any budget or timing concerns you might have.
Vehicle Preparation: To ensure a flawless application, we meticulously clean and detail your vehicle to remove all contaminants such as dirt, oil, and old adhesives. We also perform a detailed inspection to identify any paint imperfections or repairs that need attention before wrapping.
Disassembly for Precision: We carefully remove external components like headlights, taillights, mirrors, and trim to guarantee seamless edges in the wrap. Depending on the coverage area and your chosen package, we may also disassemble interior sections such as door panels.
Tailored Vinyl Preparation: Our team measures and precisely cuts the vinyl wrap to fit each panel and part of your vehicle. We use advanced techniques, including the use of infrared lamps, to ensure the vinyl is perfectly tempered and ready for a smooth application.
Expert Application: The vinyl wrap is expertly applied, starting from a central point and meticulously worked outwards to avoid any air bubbles or wrinkles. We use specialized tools like heat guns and squeegees to shape the vinyl perfectly around curves, creases, and edges.
Reassembly and Detailing: After the wrap is applied, we reassemble all parts and make necessary adjustments to ensure everything fits perfectly. We meticulously go over the wrapped vehicle to check for any imperfections and ensure every area is flawlessly adhered
Quality Check and Final Inspection: We conduct a thorough final inspection to make sure the wrap adheres properly without any lifting or bubbling. We confirm that all parts are correctly reassembled and that your vehicle is set to perform as expected.
Final Walkthrough and Vehicle Delivery: We invite you to view the finished product and provide detailed care and maintenance instructions to help extend the life of your wrap. You’ll receive guidance on how to best maintain the wrap, including proper washing techniques and what to avoid. Finally, we proudly deliver your transformed vehicle back to you, ready for the road in style.
Brands We Use

At Alphawerks, we’re proud to offer our clients the very best in the industry that’s why we use XPEL Fusion coatings for paint and PPF, leather, glass, wheels, plastic trim, and calipers. These coatings are warrantied for 4 years with annual inspections.

We pride ourselves on transparency and strive to set clear expectations from the outset. The typical turnaround time for a vinyl wrap job is around five business days, although more complex projects like full vehicle wraps* or those involving door jams may take longer. Our process is designed to accommodate your schedule and ensure that you receive your vehicle back as quickly as possible, without compromising on quality.

*We are able to complete jobs on Tesla vehicles in about three days, showcasing our efficiency and expertise with this particular car brand.


We often encounter concerns from potential customers who have seen social media videos depicting vinyl wraps deteriorating, peeling, or bubbling within just a few months. We want to assure our clients of our commitment to quality.

We also understand that some clients may prefer to use their own materials. While we are open to performing installations with client-supplied materials, it’s important for customers to know that we may not be able to offer a warranty in these situations, as the durability of these materials cannot be guaranteed.

At Alphawerks, we only use trusted, well-known brands, avoiding cheaper materials that could lead to premature deterioration, including:


Renowned for its high-quality adhesive materials, 3M offers durable and reliable vinyl wraps that provide long-lasting protection and vibrant colors.

Avery Dennison

With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Avery Dennison produces premium vinyl films known for their excellent conformability, durability, and wide range of color options.


KPMF specializes in premium cast vinyl films, offering a variety of finishes such as gloss, matte, satin, and metallic, ensuring exceptional quality and visual appeal.


Inozetek is known for its advanced technology and superior quality vinyl wraps, providing excellent color retention, durability, and ease of application for stunning results.

APA Films

APA Films offers high-performance vinyl films designed for automotive applications, delivering exceptional durability, UV resistance, and color stability for long-lasting protection and aesthetics.

Get Vinyl Wrapping Customized to Your Style With Alphawerks Garage
At Alphawerks Garage, we believe your car is a personal statement, which is why we deliver top-notch vinyl wrap services that enhance both appearance and value. With over six years of expertise, our skilled technicians employ the latest tools and highest quality materials to ensure precision and durability in every wrap. Our approach is customized to each client’s vision and budget, ensuring a perfect match with an extensive range of colors and finishes. We pride ourselves on transparent processes and a commitment to customer satisfaction, keeping you informed and involved from start to finish.

Choose Alphawerks Garage for a professional service where your satisfaction is our top priority. Transform your car into an original piece of art—contact us today to get started on your custom vinyl wrap project!
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