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1869 Walsh Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95050

Paint Protection Film

Protection That Goes Beyond the Paint

Paint protection film, also known as clear bra, has been around for a while now. It came onto the scene as a way to preserve that fresh-from-the-factory paint job on new cars against rock chips, parking lot door dings, and other unwanted imperfections.

Benefits of Clear Bra:

  • Backed By Manufacturer’s Warranty, Supplemented by Our Expanded Warranty
  • Protects Against Rock Chips, Paint Contamination, Swirl Marks, and Scratches
  • Prevents Wear & Tear
  • Virtually Invisible

Packages Available

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Front End Package Add-Ons:

  • Fully “Custom” Installation, Minimizing Visible Edges and Seams: Starting at $300
  • 4-Year Ceramic Coating*: Starting at $800
  • Rocker Panels: Starting at $400

Base Front End Package

(Full hood, fenders, and front bumper)

  • Starting at $1,900

Full Car Matte/Satin PPF

  • Starting at $6,500

Full Car Glossy PPF

  • Starting at $6,000

Clear Bra Installation

We are proud to offer our customers the best possible paint protection film service and installation. By using the best products available on the market, we aim to provide the highest quality results possible. 

Here’s how we do it:

  1. We start by washing the car to remove contaminants and dirt.

  2. Next, using a clay bar, we lay the film down on the cleaned surface.

  3. Afterwards, we polish the entire car. Even if the car is straight from the dealer, there are usually swirl marks and small scratches in the clear coat that we want polished out before sealing in the paint finish.

  4. Then, we measure and cut our material. Wherever we can, we tuck the edges of the film into panel gaps and plan each new install to minimize the amount of seams needed on the paintwork to get the job done and the car covered

  5. Next, we install the film with a mix of water, isopropyl alcohol, and soap to avoid any damage to the paint during the application. We do our best to get all the bubbles out and seal all the edges.
  6. After completing all other work, we’ll return your car.


Things to keep in mind:

  • Depending on the PPF coverage and your car, the whole process can take between 2 and 10 days.
  • After 2 weeks, we invite you back to the shop for a quality check to ensure all edges are sealed and bubbles are removed.
  • We got you covered. Our work is backed by a 5 year warranty.*

*Exclusions may apply

Brands We Use


At Alphawerks, we believe that your vehicle should be protected with the best possible paint protection film available. That’s why we’re an authorized installer for XPEL paint protection films, which are the industry standard for their ultra-clear finish and durability. XPEL’s 10-year warranty on any material defects is the longest in the industry, and we supplement it by offering a 10-year warranty on any installation defects.

Why choose XPEL? Their patented self-healing technology means that small scratches heal themselves quickly, and they offer unparalleled clarity with 99% optical transparency. If you’re looking for true invisibility, look no further than XPEL! We primarily use XPEL Ultimate Fusion, XPEL Ultimate Plus, and XPEL Stealth.

Why Choose Alphawerks?

At Alphawerks, we’re a team of XPEL authorized installers and car enthusiasts who love our vehicles. That’s why we offer custom paint protection film solutions to protect your ride from the wear and tear of the road and keep it looking shiny and new for years to come. We also provide custom automotive visual services including ceramic coating, vinyl wrapping, paint correction, chrome deletes, caliper wraps, window tinting, and windshield protection. Give us a call to start today!