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Window Tinting

At Alphawerks Garage, your car’s comfort and style take the front seat. As leaders in automotive window tinting, we specialize in offering only the highest quality products and services for all drivers, whether you’re in a Tesla or a Toyota. Our premium ceramic window tinting selection includes the innovative XPEL films, which not only rivals, but often surpasses the performance of more expensive brands in heat and UV rejection—all at a price that respects your budget. Book your window tinting at Alphawerks today!
1: Heat Rejection
2: UV Protection
3: Enhanced Privacy & Security
4: Energy Savings
5: Improved Comfort & Safety

At Alphawerks Garage, we trust XPEL films to deliver the highest level of window tinting excellence. That’s why we proudly offer two superior options to our clients: XPEL XR Black and XPEL XR Plus films.


XR Black is part of the XPEL Prime series, offering a neutral tone nano-ceramic film. It provides excellent UV and infrared heat rejection, although slightly less than XR Plus. This film maintains a more neutral appearance from inside, making it suitable for those who prefer less tint intensity but still need effective protection.

Available in various shades including, 70, 55, 35, 20, and 5.


XR Plus, also from the XPEL Prime series, is a nano-ceramic film with a slight blue hue. It offers top-notch performance in heat rejection and UV protection, making it ideal for intense sun exposure. The blue hue provides a unique aesthetic, maximizing comfort especially in very sunny climates.

Available in various shades including, 70, 55, 35, 20, and 5.


Discover our window tinting packages, offering everything from basic front window tints to full car coverage with premium XPEL XR Black and XR Plus films. Select the option that best fits your needs for enhanced comfort and privacy.

XPEL XR Black Options

Tinting Option Description Ideal For
Two Front Windows Basic tint for the front windows, providing good heat and UV protection. SUVs and trucks with factory-tinted rear glass
Full Vehicle Tint Includes side and rear windows for comprehensive heat rejection and privacy. General vehicles needing full protection
Windshield Tint Additional protection for the windshield to block UV and reduce heat. Enhanced front protection
Full Car with Windshield Package Extensive coverage including the windshield alongside side and rear windows. Maximum protection and privacy
Sunroof Tint High heat rejection film to prevent potential overheating, particularly suitable for Tesla sunroofs. Tesla owners and others with sunroofs

XPEL XR Plus Options

Tinting Option Description Ideal For
Two Front Windows Premium tint offering superior heat and UV protection. High-end vehicles or those requiring top-tier protection
Full Vehicle Tint Premium full coverage using XPEL XR Plus film for best-in-class heat and UV rejection. Luxury vehicles or those frequently exposed to intense sun
Windshield Tint Top-tier tinting for the windshield with the highest heat rejection capabilities. Drivers needing the utmost in visibility and protection
Full Car with Windshield Package Complete vehicle tint including the windshield, utilizing the superior heat rejection of XR Plus. Comprehensive protection with premium quality
Sunroof Tint Utilizes XPEL XR Plus for the highest heat rejection, reducing risks in high-temperature environments. High-end vehicles, particularly those with large sunroofs
At Alphawerks Garage, we strive to minimize the impact on your schedule, working efficiently to ensure quality results in a timely manner. For a front set of windows, expect a service time of approximately 2 hours. Tinting a full car typically takes between 3.5 to 4 hours, while including the windshield extends the service to about 6 hours.

Please note, Tesla models X, Y, and Three require a full working day of 8 hours for complete tinting services.
Consultation and Selection: Customers discuss their needs, preferences, and legal considerations with a technician. You’ll have the opportunity to select from our range of high-quality tint options including the XPEL XR Black and XR Plus, ensuring the shade and performance fit perfectly with your requirements.

Preparation: We prepare your car for tinting by thoroughly cleaning the windows to remove all contaminants. To protect your car’s interior, especially sensitive areas like the dashboard and electronics, we employ protective measures such as the “soak rope” to prevent any water damage during the application process.


Film Cutting: Precision is key in our process. We use XPEL’s state-of-the-art Digital Pattern Software (DAP) to measure and pre-cut the tint film to your vehicle’s exact window specifications. Any necessary manual adjustments are made to ensure the perfect fit, using tools that prevent any damage to your windows.


Application: The application begins with a water solution to position the film correctly. We then apply the pre-cut tint film to the interior side of the windows, using a squeegee to ensure smooth, bubble-free adhesion.


Drying and Curing: After application, your car will be set aside to allow the film to dry properly. This crucial stage activates the adhesive and begins the bonding process.


Quality Assurance and Clean Up: Technicians perform a comprehensive check to confirm that the tint meets Alphawerks’ standards of quality and customer expectations. We clean up any installation materials and polish your windows for a pristine finish.


Customer Walkthrough and Education: Once the job is complete, we’ll walk you through the finished work, explaining the proper care and maintenance to ensure the longevity of your tint. We also educate you on the curing process, advising on precautions to take immediately post-installation, such as not rolling down the windows for a specified period.

Brands We Use
At Alphawerks Garage, we exclusively use XPEL for our ceramic window tinting due to its superior technology and quality. XPEL’s advanced nano-ceramic technology offers top-notch heat rejection and over 99% UV protection, enhancing both comfort and safety. Available in a range of shades, XPEL tints maintain their clarity and durability over time, preventing discoloration and bubbling. Despite its premium quality, XPEL is competitively priced, making it an excellent investment for enhancing vehicle performance and aesthetics.
At Alphawerks Garage, our commitment to excellence is evident in every tinting project we undertake. Confidence in our products is a primary driver for our customers, especially with options like the XPEL XR Plus and XR Black films that other brand names, like 3M Crystalline, can’t compete with.

We cater to your specific window tinting needs. Whether you desire a dark tint brow on top of your windshield or need comprehensive heat rejection across all your windows, we have you covered. Our commitment extends to providing affordable and flexible pricing structures, ensuring that you receive both premium quality and value.

At the end of the day, our goal at Alphawerks Garage is to keep you cool, protected, and thoroughly satisfied with our service. Trust us to enhance your car with the best ceramic tints on the market. Contact us today to find out how we can customize your window tinting to meet your unique needs and preferences.
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