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1869 Walsh Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95050

Chrome Deletes

Transform The Look Of Your Vehicle With Alphawerks

The chrome trim around your car may not suit your style. With aftermarket chrome deletes, we can black out the chrome on virtually every part of your car, from the window trim, to door handles, to front grill, and any other accent pieces the manufacturer decided to adorn with chrome, easily transforming the look of your car.

gray challenger grill

Benefits of Chrome Delete:

  • Improves Car Aesthetics
  • Preserves Original Chrome
  • Customizable
  • Non-Damaging
  • Easily Removable
red tesla with ppf


Our chrome delete pricing is on a car-by-car and piece-by-piece basis. Want to start with just the window trim? We can do that. Want to black out the whole car? We can do that too. At Alphawerks, we work with you to get you results that fit your needs.

What Are Chrome Deletes?

A chrome delete wrap is an aftermarket vinyl wrap that helps you conceal the chrome plating from your existing wheels. While many models of car come with standard factory-applied wheel covers, some choose to forgo the covers altogether and show off the chrome of the wheel itself, which can make your vehicle look much more modern and current.

Brands We Use

At Alphawerks, we use 3M and Avery Dennison satin and gloss black materials. For emblems/badges, we frequently opt to buy aftermarket black, instead of wrapping or painting for a more cost effective and durable option. And if you’re a Tesla driver, we also wrap Tesla frunk and trunk badges in many different custom colors.

Why Choose Alphawerks?

 Why choose Alphawerks for your Chrome Delete needs? The simple answer is our experience in the automotive industry. Our skilled team of dedicated technicians take great pride in their work and stand behind their products because they know that through hard work and attention to detail, they are honoring the traditions of car enthusiasts worldwide. A chrome delete wrap is an aftermarket vinyl wrap that helps you conceal the chrome plating from your existing wheels. We also provide custom automotive visual services including paint protection film, vinyl wrapping, paint correction, ceramic coating, caliper wraps, window tinting, and windshield protection. Give us a call to start today!


I found Dave through yelp and the 5-star reviews did not disappoint. What can I say, the man made magic happen! Took my car in and received it within 3 weeks upon delivery as he indicated.

I did a full body wrap on my Tesla Model 3 + chrome delete and calipers. He also wrapped my aftermarket front lip, installed my carbon fiber spoiler and wrapped my center console! He also made my ideas come to life when I tossed him the idea of doing an embossed logo and on the passenger side door. I definitely recommend him if your in the Bay Area. Hands down excellent craftsmanship.

– Daryl Zape (Facebook 5/8/2020)

David did an AMAZING job on my model 3. I got a full body wrap, chrome delete, and emblem wraps that were immaculate.

He’s detailed-oriented so everything was done with extreme care. I would highly recommend Alphawerks!

– Krisinta N. (Yelp 1/24/21)

An overwhelmingly positive experience at Alphawerks and couldn’t be happier with the interactions with Dave and Gio. Dave took the time to explain to me (both over the phone and in-person) what would be involved, both pros and cons, of getting a chrome delete done on my car. His recommendation to use a satin wrap (vs a matte or glossy wrap) for my particular application was spot-on. He also did the job within the time he promised — so I dropped off my car, walked to Costco (15 min walk), ate my lunch in peace, walked back and the car was ready to go – and it looked fantastic. Great customer service and an overall just swell guy – thanks Dave!

– Sameer B. (Yelp 3/22/21)